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Current Projects

Below is a list our current contracts, these form the main day-to-day operational duties of the company at present.

  • Lovell Partnerships - Roofing contractor on new build site in Brackla, Bridgend / 106 Properties. Work consists of providing new roof coverings to newly constructed properties

  • Lovell Partnerships - External works contractor on WHQS works for Vale of Glamorgan. Works consist of carrying out EWI / Traditional rendering works to approx. 150 properties annually for the period of 2014-17

  • Jistcourt (South Wales) Ltd - Roofing contractor on NPT Homes Ltd EWI Scheme sites. Work consist of renewing roof coverings to council properties prior to receiving EWI works (Carried out by others). Approx. 90-100 roofs annually

  • Carmarthenshire County Council - Minor frameworks contractor. Works consist of general maintenance to council properties, Void property works and disabled adaptations

  • NPT Homes Ltd - Select list contractor. Works consist of Void property works and specialist fabrication works.

  • Private work - we also continue to carry out works for the private sector.

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